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Security Awareness and Training Guide

Security training has always been one of the most important aspects of training an employee. After all, employees are every company’s weakest links and, if they are not aware of potential security threats online, they are far more likely to catch malware or end up being stuck deep in a phishing scam. To avoid any of these unwanted outcomes, here are five tips that will help you improve your security and awareness training sessions.

#1 Talk about VPN

VPN should be a mandatory subject on any security awareness training event. This is by far one of the most helpful tools both for remote employees and those who are still working in an office. With a VPN, the company can reduce the level of risk tied to employees’ exposure to online threats. The virtual servers keep the data encrypted and safe from any spying eyes, which is something each employee should be aware of.

#2 Raise Awareness about Phishing

Your employees must be familiar with the concept of phishing and online scams. As one of the most common security threats these days, phishing scams are becoming more advanced and more difficult to detect. An unaware employee can accidentally fall into an email phishing trap and end up exposing the entire company’s valuable data. That is why phishing awareness should be one of your main focus points during the training course, as you don’t want your employees to use the internet carelessly.

#3 Recommend Better Password Habits

While not many team leaders and managers recommend their employees to use password tools, it is a good idea to suggest better password habits for the sake of security. There are plenty of password manager tools out there that will help workers keep track of all their passwords in a secure location. More importantly, these tools allow you to create better and stronger passwords that can prevent easy data breaches.

#4 Make Awareness a Habit

One of the most crucial points your employees should remember after the training event is that staying aware of potential security risks online can save them in the future. Turning this type of awareness into a habit will significantly reduce the risk of error when dealing with potential security threats. Besides, getting used to security awareness will help employees keep their personal devices protected as well.

#5 Always Be Ready to Communicate

Last but not least, your availability to employees should not end with the training event. Workers should always have the opportunity to reach out to you or anyone in charge of cybersecurity matters. This will help them deal with issues on the spot and reduce the number of errors that can cause serious data breaches.

Trained Employees are Better Employees

While security training might be the last thing on your mind during these uncertain times, it is now that employees need a reminder about security the most. After all, it is better to invest time into proper training and education rather than suffer the consequences of a security attack caused by human error. Before you start the security awareness training, make sure to create a detailed plan to cover all important points and prepare your employees for what’s to come.

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