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Quick Microsoft Teams Guide: The Essential Features

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaborative tools used these days. With companies adapting to the new remote work culture, Microsoft saw an opportunity to improve their services by adding vital teamwork features to their Teams software. This simple tool has everything you need to run a successful business completely remotely. Here are some of its essential features presented through a brief guide:

#1 Get Started

First and foremost, as you get started with Microsoft Teams, you will notice that the platform has a unique yet very simple structure. It is connected to other Microsoft tools such as Office 365 Group, SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote. Thus it allows you to carry our important tasks including video calls, meetings, chat messaging, file sharing, and more. Users can access Microsoft Teams through their browser or they can download a desktop/mobile app if they prefer.

#2 Create a Team

Once you’ve accessed the platform, create a team to start using its basic features. This is very easy to do and it won’t take you longer than a minute or two. Add a name and a description to the team before you start adding members, just so you can avoid any unnecessary confusion. Once you create a team, you can set up different channels or subtopics within it to allow members to talk about different topics at the same time.

#3 Start a Conversation

What makes Microsoft Teams one of users’ favorite collaboration platforms is the fact that it offers a variety of great features within the chat function. All you have to do is start a conversation within the hub and you will be able to share files, video chat, and use mentions to help people find relevant content.

#4 Share Files

Speaking of sharing files, Microsoft Teams gives its users a variety of options when it comes to dealing with files within the platform. Besides sharing files through OneDrive, users can perform different actions such as download, move, open, copy, edit, or even delete files. Moreover, Microsoft has recently enabled a great feature that allows users to start a group chat next to the file. This lets them communicate more easily and collaborate on the next level.

#5 Control Admin Settings

The previous tip proves that shared files on the Microsoft Teams platform are still somewhat vulnerable and not nearly as secure as they should be. That is why you should alter the admin settings in order to control who has access to crucial features on the platform. In other words, you can control who can create teams, start calls, as well as which other features they can use.

Keep It Simple

The key to getting the best out of Microsoft Teams is to keep it simple when you start using the platform. Don’t overcomplicate it by creating large and confusing teams and channels. Instead, try to have everything neatly labeled and easy to understand. Your employees will thank you and, soon later, you will notice a spike in their productivity levels.

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