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Top 5 Microsoft Team Tips to Save Time

As one of the most advanced online team collaboration platforms, Microsoft Teams has become even more popular during the last couple of months. With companies sending their employees home to work remotely, this platform has turned into the go-to option for online communication and file sharing. Having said that, here are the five best tips to help you save time while using Microsoft Teams.

#1 Microsoft Teams T-Bot

Microsoft Teams has a unique T-Bot, a smart chat bot that goes above and beyond to replace live customer service. While you might think that nothing can come close to real human support, the T-Bot is a great solution for solving problems remotely. It gets better and smarter over time, meaning it will learn more about your questions and experiences as you continue to use the platform. Users can interact with the T-Bot to solve questions and find answers more easily. Keep in mind that this is not the only bot on the platform – you can also find task management and productivity bots that will increase your efficiency.

#2 Ability to Save Messages

Many people don’t know that Microsoft Teams has a unique feature that allows you to save the messages you receive and have them readily available for future use. Instead of saving screenshots or rewriting instructions, you can save time by simply bookmarking a spot in the conversation. You can later visit the “saved” folder to find any old messages you decided to bookmark. One way to access this folder even quicker is to type in /saved in the command bar.

#3 Navigation on Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams for the first time can seem complex and intimidating. With so many features and options on the platform, it might seem too difficult to find your way around. However, Microsoft has integrated convenient navigation buttons that allow you to move back and forth on your timeline of movement on the platform. For example you can visit a new chat or a folder while going through materials and you will be able to return to the same spot simply by pressing the back navigation button. Simple navigation features will save you time and energy throughout the day and allow you to be far more productive.

#4 Translation Feature

If you are the leader or a part of an international team, you are most likely going to communicate with people who speak different languages. Even though they might understand English, it might be easier for them to understand certain concepts in their native language. That’s where Microsoft Teams’ translation features comes in – it allows you to chat with anyone regardless of their language. Simply click on the three dots on the chat and choose “translate” to understand any foreign language.

#5 Ability to Add Guests to Meetings

Last but not least, waiting for someone to set up a Microsoft Teams account just so they could attend one meeting with you is a real time waster. Luckily, Microsoft Teams allows you to add guests to your meeting so you don’t have to spend time instructing them how to access your video conference. Simply invite anyone via email and you can start working right off the bat.

Overall, Microsoft Teams is one of the best options out there for teams that consist of remote workers. It provides efficiency, speed, and plenty of features needed for daily tasks and meetings. However, don’t forget to look into the aspect of security when using these online tools, as you will have to put some security measures in place before it is too late!

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