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Tips And Tricks For Setting Up Your Home Office

For digital nomads and freelancers alike, working from home is nothing out of the ordinary. Some freelancers who would otherwise be working out of a shared office or co-working office are now home-bound after public areas have been closed down due to the COVID-19 situation. Many office employees are now also stuck at home, performing their jobs digitally. These are some tips to help remote workers create a home office that is both productive and healthy.


Working from home can be casual but being too casual as to work in bed or while lounging out in front of the TV can negatively impact work and health. Rather than sitting down wherever possible, it is far more effective to have a dedicated workspace within the house. This doesn't have to be an entire room but even a dedicated work table will do, where all work-related things are conveniently located nearby to eliminate the need to get up to find something.

Work Setup

Depending on the nature of the work, the workstation may be different, but what is common for all digital workers is a computer and related hardware. The best solution is to have a proper work desk with a good quality chair which is ergonomic yet not too comfortable. This is a posture in which a person spends several hours a day, ensuring that it keeps posture in the right position is critical.


The ideal situation is to have a room that has plenty of natural light flowing into it. However, if this is not possible or simply not preferable than at least having good artificial lighting is important both for work quality and health. Keeping the area of work well lit up helps to drastically improve mood & focus and also has its fair share of health benefits.


This is down to personal preference and taste, some people like having music playing in the background while others enjoy pin-drop silence while they work. However, the goal is to keep all those amenities which are necessary to carry out work, while leaving aside those which could be a source of distraction. With all the things nearby a person wastes less time walking around the house looking for things and it also creates a sense of professionalism about the place. When a person walks into their workspace at home and everything work-related is there waiting for them, they get into the working mindset much quicker.


Many people choose to go for lower-priced products when selecting things such as the monitor, chair or lighting for their home office but these should be seen as investments rather than expenses. Not only does the hardware last a long time but it is essential to getting the job done and having good hardware such as a quality screen or seat is vital for health. Low-priced items may be easy to purchase initially but if they fail while working it costs more money to get a replacement, not to mention the loss of time and the negative impact on work. Feel free to hunt for a deal but get some good quality hardware.


This serves as the lifeline which connects the employee to the outside world. The home office is the perfect time to upgrade the internet connection, speed is important but stability and reliability also need to be factored in. If possible consider using a wired Ethernet connection to maintain the best speed and stability while working.

Remote working doesn’t seem like it is going away anytime soon, be sure to keep these things in mind when creating a home office for the long haul.

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