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The Best Online Experience

Remote working is becoming the norm for most people. Luckily, tools such as Microsoft Teams is here to help your transition from office work to remote work a little more smoothly! Whether you have been using Teams for a while now, or this is your first time using it, we are providing useful tips on how to always have the best online meeting experience.

  1. Connect with People Inside & Outside Your Organization

Teams allows you to host online meetings with people that are both inside and outside of your business. This comes in handy when trying to communicate with an employee, client, or even a potential client. When scheduling a meeting in Teams or Outlook, all you need to do is include the email address of the external guest(s) and Teams will take care of it for you by sending an email invitation.

  1. Be Seen and Heard

Checking your video and microphone quality before your online meeting is the smartest thing to do! Allowing yourself time to get set up means there won’t be time taken away from the actual meeting itself. Being prepared also shows you are there to talk business and will not let anything come in between you and getting the information it is that you may need from this meeting. Always stay one step ahead!

  1. Record Your Meetings

We know now more than ever that life happens. Sometimes things might be out of our control and we may miss an important group meeting. Recording your Teams meetings allows others that were not able to attend the opportunity to still be part of the meeting, even if they were not there in real-time. This also saves time from someone trying to fill another employee in on what they missed.

  1. Share What You Need

Teams allows you to share anything you need to share! From important files to sharing your screen, Teams has easy tools to make sure this happens. From private chats to team meetings, a files tab can be found in each one. Uploading documents that need to be seen by others has never been easier! Need your meeting to see your screen? Not a problem! Teams allows you to share your screen if need be.

  1. Stay in Control of Your Meeting

When organizing a meeting, Teams provides the organizer with many options when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, like defining roles and permissions. With this tool, the organizer can decide on what to do and what not to do during a meeting. For example, they may choose who is admitted to the meeting, designate who can present, mute attendees, start/stop recordings, and much more.

  1. Hold Face to Face Conversations with Video

As mentioned before, we are limited to the physical interaction we have with people. A business flourishes through communication and being on the same page with an employee, client, or potential client. Without having face-to-face conversations, things can get a little rocky. Luckily, Teams has the best video conferencing abilities to fill that void of face-to-face interaction!


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