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How to Prepare a Device for Remote Work

By setting up the right security features on your device, you can prevent data theft and other consequences of common cybersecurity threats. Remote workers have become the number one target for phishing scams and DDoS attacks, mainly because hackers see them as a backdoor to large corporate networks filled with valuable data. Below are some suggestions for what you should do to prepare a device for remote work.

#1 Set Up Security Programs

Before you go any further, make sure the device you are using for work has active antivirus software. Even if it came with a security program installed, it does not mean the program is activated. Therefore, make sure to check whether it is actually running and, while you’re at it, perform a deep scan to identify any malware or threats in the system. 

#2 Adjust Passwords and Set Up 2FA

You would be surprised to know how many people use a single password for all their accounts. If you’re one of them, this is the time to stop practicing these bad password habits and start using a password manager to keep things under control. Two-factor authentication can further secure login procedures on the device used to work remotely. This will greatly reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches and unauthorized access.

#3 Set up Communication Tools

Since you will be working remotely, you will need some sort of communication network set in place. Depending on whether you work in a team or you need to report to individual co-workers, you can opt for a team-oriented communication network such as Microsoft Teams or something simpler such as Zoom. Either way, a reliable video communication app will allow you to stay in touch with the team and share valuable information while working from home.

#4 Prepare Productivity Apps

Staying productive is an enormous challenge, especially in the comfort of your home. One way you can track your productivity is through focus-oriented apps on smart devices. Make sure to install apps such as to-do lists and work timers so you can track time and responsibilities at home. 

#5 Back Up Your Data

Lastly, make sure the device you’re going to be using for work is connected to a cloud storage platform where you can back up relevant data and files. Having a data backup can save you in critical situations, especially in case of a data breach. Instead of losing all your work files, you will have a reliable backup stored on the cloud, which can save you hours of work in the future

Enjoy Working Remotely

These five tips will help you prepare any device for remote work, whether you are using a PC, tablet, or laptop. If possible, use a separate device for work and personal activities to reduce the risk of security threats. By separating work from personal use, you won’t be risking corporate files during your free activities such as content streaming and surfing the web. 


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