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Best Team Software for Virtual Team Collaboration

The team collaboration software market is very crowded with a number of solutions available from names such as Google, Cisco, and even Facebook. Microsoft Teams is Microsofts’ offering for small businesses and enterprises looking to create a single platform solution for their entire team or organization.

As was stated by a Microsoft spokesperson, Teams is designed to be an open office space in digital form. With an ever-increasing number of people working remotely and organizations now relying more than ever on a digital interface to connect team members, there is a strong need for a fully furnished collaboration platform.

Even though most of the popular collaboration software solutions available at the moment offer similar functionality such as video conferencing and document sharing, the way they render these services can be significantly different. Here is how Microsoft Teams is slightly different ad more efficient than the competition.

  1. More Value For Your Money

The majority of businesses, across any industry, will be making use of at least one Microsoft Office 365 services, while others are using the entire range of Office 365 services. Microsoft Teams comes bundled with Office 365 and for everyone using Office 365, this is a value-added feature that they get at no additional cost.

Moreover, Teams is centralized to the entire Office 365 suite and is the default platform for communication and collaboration within Office 365. With Skype for Business also going out of service soon, Teams will be taking its place and will be the alternative that will be offered to Windows users.

  1. Updates

Teams is part of a much larger fleet of software offered by Microsoft. It is designed to integrate with many of Microsofts' most popular and most frequently used services such as Office 365. Teams has many features that are powered by Microsoft services and in order to keep this versatile collaboration software efficient, it requires regular updates and constant performance evaluation.

If you are a Windows user, this is your best bet for a team platform as you can be assured that it will stay streamlined with Windows' services and also be quickly integrated with any new development on the Windows platform.

  1. Functionality

Teams is a full-out enterprise-level solution. This is meant to handle not just a small group of people but an entire organization consisting of a variety of different groups and teams. The way Teams can organize and manage groups within itself is unlike any other.

Microsoft has integrated many of their own services into Teams and to add even more functionality for the user, third party developers are also creating apps which can be added to Teams to do specific things. You can see the whole variety of available apps from the Teams app store.

  1. Easy To Work With

Teams allows users to do everything they need without having to go outside of the Teams window. Whether they need to communicate with a colleague, start a new project file, share an existing project, check for changes on a previous collaboration or save data to the main company cloud, everything can be done from within Teams. Moreover, when they are using Windows-based services they do not need to use any other platform as Teams is deeply integrated with all Microsoft services.

Teams offers a highly functional yet easy to use interface which is customizable and intuitive. Everything is sorted in such a way that it has a natural flow to it and many aspects of the software can be configured to your liking.

Teams is the optimum solution for companies not just as a short term remedy but also as a permanent answer to their digital collaboration needs.

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