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5 Reasons Why Remote Workers Should Employ A VPN

Remote working is becoming the norm for workers from every level of the organization's hierarchy as many businesses are now taking up remote working as a permanent solution even after offices have started to reopen. Moreover, people who regularly work online, or have a job that requires them to telecommute, spend more time on the internet and are at a significantly higher risk of falling victim to a cyber-crime attack. In such a case not only will the worker be affected but the organization that they work for and their data are also at risk. Having a solid VPN in place can give you better control over your security and can save you from some of these common problems.

  1. Device Security

Remote workers may be connecting to the company network from any location and any network. The network that they are connecting from could be compromised and in order to ensure the safety of company data and other users on the company network, it is best to get foreign traffic connected through a VPN tunnel.

Through the VPN any, or all, data that is communicated from the company network to the foreign device will be encrypted and secured, so any third party attacks will only yield encrypted packets of information. Moreover, this is also helpful for global teams in situations where employees need to bypass regional or country-level access restrictions.

  1. Access Permissions

Through a VPN, organizations can set up an access hierarchy that would allow certain remote users to access internal IP addresses and make use of internal network drives, folders, machines, and servers. Some data may be available to all users and can be shared through the internet however for more sensitive areas of the network users can be required to login through the VPN. This makes it possible for employees to gain complete access to the internal network and carry out their tasks just as they would as if they were on the premises.

  1. Fewer Casualties

Compromised data is not good for anyone. The company that loses the information is at a loss in terms of both data loss and a potential financial loss, not to mention the price they will have to pay in the form of a shakedown of their reputation. Moreover, the people whose information it is, are also at a loss as this information could be used to do anything, and if it has their financial information they could also lose money. With an active VPN, the possibility of a successful attack is significantly lower and the amount of data or information which can be stolen or gathered from outside the network is also significantly reduced.

  1. Playtime Security

In many cases people don't have a dedicated work device, they use the same smart device or computer both for work and for play. The possibility of getting infected with a form of malware or virus while visiting the internet is quite high. By ensuring that all web-based activity is done through the VPN people can ensure that their connection is always secured and greatly improve their device security.

  1. Multiple Easy To Use Options

Today's marketplace is flooded with a huge range of VPN solutions available at every price point. One can find a VPN for every need, with high-end solutions offering unique dedicated services that ensure the highest security and functionality. Standard solutions, on the other hand, are available at low monthly charges and some are even free, and they also offer some basic security for the user. VPN services are available for individual users and enterprise-level solutions. With so many available options and the fact that cyber-crime is on a consistent rise after the Covid-19 problem, it is becoming more and more important for people to invest in their online security. Both for remote workers and casual internet users, having a good VPN is an investment.

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