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5 Best Microsoft Team Features to Use

The social distancing rules caused by the pandemic have made it difficult to maintain proper work habits. Most of the workforce duties have shifted online, including data sharing and communication as two of the major challenges in this situation. Given the outcome of recent events , global communication is going to rely on online platforms for months, if not even years to come. As one of the most advanced online collaboration tools, Microsoft Teams has become the go-to place for communication and file sharing. Here are five of its best features to use during the lockdown. 

#1 Security

We will start off with the most important factor in the game - security. If you are going to share corporate and sensitive files online and communicate about confidential projects, you are going to need a reliable platform with a good security protocol. As a part of the Office 365 package, Microsoft Teams meets the highest standards of security and offers a variety of security settings to boost protection. For instance, you can customize teams to be private or public, as well as control who has access to your data and files. Moreover, communication on this platform is fully encrypted.

#2 Accessibility

Microsoft Team is a highly versatile platform and it provides access on a variety of devices including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This makes the app functional and convenient, especially for those who are working from home for the first time. You can adapt to different interfaces and use mobile devices to communicate on the go. Accessibility features are what make Microsoft Teams such a modern and reliable collaboration solution.

#3 Smooth Video Communication

The primary reason why most users are relying on Microsoft Teams is its smooth video communication ability. This tool allows for real-time communication experiences like no other. The video sessions are smooth and won’t be interrupted by connectivity issues. Microsoft Teams also allows you to work on files at the same time as your colleagues, while video chatting in real-time to mimic an in-person working experience. A feature like this can significantly boost productivity during the lockdown.

#4 Direct Access to Other Apps

Since Microsoft Teams is a part of the 365 Office package, it allows you direct access to other Microsoft services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, or email. This feature allows you to exchange files easily and access all work-related documents and tasks in one place. Such a level of organization will remove unnecessary stress during these uncertain times.

#5 Ability to Invite Guests

Lastly, Microsoft Teams allows you to invite guests into your projects and video calls. This feature makes it easy to communicate with suppliers, clients, or other third parties involved in your work. They can join the conversations as guest users and share files without becoming a member of your team. That way, you can easily set up communication channels with different groups and individuals from the comfort of your home.

Start Using Microsoft Teams for Your Business

Microsoft Teams is by far one of the most reliable collaboration tools for businesses. It provides great security features and ensures all team members are involved in group activities. As a host, all you have to do is create a team and set up a conference call to instruct them on how and where they should share work-related data.

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