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Home Schooling - How to Stay Secure

Previously homeschooling was looked at as something which was either reserved for the very elite, or for those who couldn't make it to a traditional school due to financial or geographical constraints. Ever since the coronavirus, it has become the norm for a lot of children and adults alike, across the globe.


We are lucky to be living in a time when homeschooling is even possible through modern technology and the internet. Just a few decades ago this would have not been possible as conveniently and effectively as it is today.


However, when setting up a homeschooling environment for yourself or your children be sure to keep these things in mind to ensure a safe learning experience.


Software and Apps

Some schools have dedicated software for their students to use while others may have a website or even an app. Whatever the case may be, make sure you are using an authentic version of the software, and using the official site for studies.


Fake apps and websites are widespread and are often infested with things such as fleeceware, malware, and all kinds of other harmful software.


If you are using a website make sure it is a secure site and log in through a quality browser.

In the case of apps and software, make sure you get the genuine version from an authentic developer from a mainstream store.


Network Security 

The network is often the weakest point of a connection and is where attackers infiltrate devices. If you are at home it would be a good idea to invest in a separate internet connection which will be dedicated to school.


Moreover, it is also important to have solid security measures in place, such as a quality VPN service, on that connection to keep it as secure as possible. Not to forget that having a dedicated connection will also significantly improve performance.


This will ensure safety for both the home user and the end-server you are connecting to.


Device Security 

Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, all devices can be compromised.

Making sure your device is up-to-date, patched with the latest updates, and fitted with some good safety software is crucial. There are a lot of free options available in the market however when it comes to cybersecurity the saying that ' you get what you pay for ‘couldn’t be truer.


Investing some money in a digital security solution can save you from a lot of trouble down the line, especially with platforms that have hundreds of thousands of users accessing it.


Control Internet Access

Once you hand over the device to your child for his study time, it is not possible to monitor what they are doing the whole time they have the device, but it is possible to limit what can be done with the device.


There are a lot of things that could come across your childs’ path while they are online and with the right access control protocols and internet filters you can drastically change that.


Depending on which platform you are using the settings will be different, but they all allow you to adjust what can and what cannot be accessed online. Moreover, this will also prevent unnecessary ads and unnecessary search results online.



These techniques and software are great to help keep your child safe from harm, but what is more effective than software and strategy is education.


Take the time to educate your child about the right online practices and how to go about their business safely. This will be something that will help them even after studies as they will intelligent IT users who can safely use technology to their benefit.

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