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Cross-Industry Technology Trends That Will Disrupt the World

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, much faster than it has ever evolved before. More importantly, the kind of technology that we are witnessing today is far more revolutionary and even disruptive than what we have seen in the past. Whether that is the ability to create a virtual environment to provide users with an immersive experience or the processes and systems through which cars are becoming autonomous.

These are all things that are not only going to impact the industries within which they are used but also influence the overall market and even the world. Let's look at some of these technologies.


One of the most important things today is connectivity, whether that is the latest version of Bluetooth or 5G, connectivity is critical. We are already seeing drastic changes in this technology in the devices that we use and the systems that we are surrounded by, for instance, high-speed wireless charging for smartphones. Internet and technology penetration is already skyrocketing, but in just a few years to come, we are going to see the latest forms of connectivity reach all corners of the world and change the way we interact as a global population.

Process Automation

We are already witnessing a drastic decrease in the number of people that are willing to work, especially in sectors where vertical job growth is limited and there is only so much potential for earning. Together with developments in areas such as robotics and 3D and 4D printing, we are likely going to see a reduction in the need for human employees in many other productions processes as well. From the way we make food to the way, we make cars are all changing and this is going to change the way people find employment and everything else that is connected to that.


Even though AI is still in its early stages we are still seeing countless examples of companies trying to leverage this technology to improve everything from production to internal processing to improving customer experience. By incorporating data, user insights, and by improving the way artificial intelligence-based systems operate, this can be transformed into a truly revolutionary technology. We are already seeing many forms of AI being applied to communication, security, and different processes in which pattern recognition is used. In the near future, this technology is only going to develop further and will also open more avenues for businesses to explore.


Just as we have seen the development of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and beyond, experts are of the opinion that we are currently witnessing a change in the way coding and programming are done and we are making our way to Software 2.0. In this new era of coding, we will see the use of AI in various programming operations. This will increase the efficiency of programming and also help reduce the time it takes to create code. Through a more intuitive way for coders to create their solutions, this will be a huge leap forward in terms of the quality of work coders are able to create.

All of these technologies work on different tangents but soon we will see unified examples of each where all these services are working in tandem. When this becomes a reality we can expect their synergy to completely overhaul our current understanding of technology and what we are able to do through digital solutions.

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