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6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Business from Ransomware this Holiday Season

With the holiday season already have come and gone, it is time to re-evaluate your digital security. It is the time of year when the internet is buzzing with activity and much of this activity might not be suitable for your business. Here are 6 easy things you can do to save yourself from the most popular and profitable form of attacks these days: Ransomware.

Reset All Passwords

The first thing an attacker will try to do if they manage to break into your system is to expand horizontally and get control of as much of the network as they can. If you are using the same password across the entire network, you are handing over the keys. Make sure you have strong, fresh passwords and that you also have multifactor authentication enabled to make this that much harder for the attacker.

Update Patches

Attackers also enjoy breaking into systems that are out of date. The reason why software companies issue patches for the products is because they are increasing and improving security with the new patch, among other things. Having outdated systems significantly reduces your protection and increases the chance of a successful attack.

Create A Plan

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. You need to have chalked out a clear plan that you have tested in order to fall back on in the case of an attack. If your team is not going to be available to respond to an attack during the winter break then make some changes so you always have some form of response available. The plan will be no good if there is no one to carry it out.


Your team plays a big part in the overall security just through the way they operate on a daily basis. Simple phishing attacks are all about deception and attackers will use a plethora of other tools to deceive their way into the system. Make sure your team is well versed in good digital practices. It would be a good idea to refresh users on safe digital practices if they have never been trained before.


When it comes to preparing for the worst you want to give the attacker the least amount of power possible, and this can only be done if the asset they have is not valuable to you. If you have backups of your data, a data breach will not do you any harm. Have multiple backups of everything.

Recovery Plan

In the case that an attack does happen you need to know what to do in response. Even if you have backups but don't know how to efficiently use them, they are not worth anything. Not only should your team know what to do, but they should also have practiced it and should be able to respond instantly.

Managing your security is your job and the more seriously you take that job the more effectively you can protect your employees, your clients, and your business. There is no doubt that digital attacks are increasing with every passing day and SMEs together with average users are the prime target for attackers. With these strategies not only will you be able to defend yourself but you will also be able to get back on your feet quickly if an attack happens.

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